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Action Sports

Wether you are out on the water, in the dirt, or on the track.  You can bet we can offer great captures and provide an interesting perspective from up here!


Maybe you have social event you are wanting to get some great footage of, or you do a series of vlogs and desire some hard to get angles.  We got you. 


Construction use for inspections, or getting a view in hard to see places.  Expand your project and see the whole scope come together. 


Provide angles and camera styles that can only be achieved through drone flight, and really set off your properties for sale!

We use the latest and greatest programming available to make our post edit process provide sharp details and execute exquisite scenes. We carry an inventory of updated filming hardware to take on any Videography project.

We will go threw ideas for a project and work with our clients to bring their visions to life.  Wether we are promoting a business, hobby, action sport, product or something personal.  Red Wing Solutions Inc. has you covered.


Licensed Drone Pilot - Part 107

Protected & Insured

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